Radian's Circle of Recovery

Radian’s ecosystem of offerings gives patients holistic care and long-term guidance on the road to recovery from pain or injury.

Radian’s Circle of Recovery fills in the missing gaps on the patient’s road to recovery.

We have an all-encompassing suite of tools and resources – from free consultations with our trusted physiotherapists to a bank of helpful exercises to try at home – to make the journey to recovery transparent and successful.
Stay active

Do you work in a sedentary job? Are you spending a lot of time at your desk?

Radian app features make physiotherapy more accessible, accountable and guided towards long-term recovery.
find a physiotherapist

Free consultation

Looking for a physiotherapist in Mumbai? With our free consultation, you can get started on your journey to becoming pain free, without charge.
Tracking & guidance

the Radian App

The Radian app provides easy access to your prescribed exercises and instructions on how to perform them properly. It offers real-time feedback and reports for tracking your progress and allowing your physiotherapist to adapt and change your routine to accelerate recovery.

What does an ideal patient - physiotherapist relationship look like?

With Radian, physiotherapists can prescribe exercises, manage patients and keep a check on their progress and consistency at home, with ease.


Learning that they need professional help for their pain


Finding the right PT for consultation

STEP three

Finding the right PT for consultation


Staying compliant and getting the required guidance


Being able to reconnect and book another session

How does Radian help you achieve the ideal patient - physiotherapist relationship?

With Radian, we complete the Circle of Recovery through intuitive products and thoughtful service offerings.


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