patients frequently ask..

You will receive a reminder, if you do not complete your sessions. It will be marked as missed which will reflect in the patient log for your doctor.
Chances of forgetting to complete the exercises should be less as you receive reminders to complete them throughout the day. Although, if missed your doctor will be informed.
At the end of each routine you can enter the level of pain and exertion that you are experiencing. If over 7 your doctor will be informed and they will get in touch with you.
You can note down your levels of pain and exertion after you complete your sessions. Based on the same, your doctor can edit your program.
Yes your doctor has a record of everyone who does not complete their routines in a day.
In such a case you can record your completion through the manual mode so that it gets recorded and is not marked as session skipped.
On your dashboard, on the top of the screen you have the days of the week along with the dates below them. Click on the date you wish to check your progress for.
Range of motion (ROM) refers to how far you can move or stretch a part of your body, such as a joint or a muscle. Remember, everyone’s ROM is different.
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You cannot access exercises that are not prescribed to you.
No one apart from your physiotherapist will have access to your recovery data.