When Should One Visit a Physiotherapist


More often than not, we hear athletes consulting experienced physiotherapy doctors for everything, although they are not the only ones who need these physiotherapy doctors. In this hybrid world, the general population needs to invest their bodies in exercises to be more mobile and supportive. It’s always recommended to seek advice in certain situations and not self-treat it, and here are some of them –

Chronic pain: We more often than not suffer pain after an injury and expect it to reduce over time, but when sometimes it doesn’t or increases in intensity, which is extremely common when it comes to lower back and neck pain, both of which can majorly interfere with your ability to perform daily tasks, this is when it’s ideal to dial physiotherapy doctor.

They may not only help educate you about your pain but also potentially create a rehabilitation program to support the specific body part in pain and help you get out of it.

Reduced Mobility: Bending over forward is getting difficult, and reaching the top shelf isn’t that easy anymore – these are signs of limited movement (mobility) and can be both painful and frustrating, that’s when physiotherapy exercises come into play, but again consistent exercise that targets your muscles is recommended because if one active hour many not cover up 23 hours of bad posture.

If you still feel like it’s affecting a lot of your daily lifestyle habits and causing a hindrance in productivity, it’s best to speak to your physiotherapy doctor to get a customized routine for yourself.

Discomfort sitting on the desk: Sitting at your desk shouldn’t be a pain in the neck if you’re feeling achy, and stiff at the end of your workday, it may be a sign to start taking regular breaks and moving around your workplace. Try having a word with HR to offer healthy desk setups. 

You can also consult your physiotherapy doctor for neck pain exercises, and better work habits regarding your posture.

Ever wondered what an ergonomic desk setup looks like, check it out here  

Uncontrolled Urination: If you experience an intense need to urinate while coughing, sneezing, or doing anything that puts stress on your bladder, you might have urinary incontinence or stress incontinence, both of which can be frustrating and embarrassing. 

Consult your physiotherapy doctor for some pelvic floor exercises to help this condition.

Your body will always let you know if something is not right, and this might not often be serious but still is a cause of concern because your body may not be working at the same level as it should be – so apart from indulging in a healthy lifestyle that is filled with the right nutrition and sufficient amount of rest it may be time to also consult with physiotherapy doctor online that can help you out with the same.

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