How Exercise Breaks Will Change the Way You Work



They are a relatively new idea about how to undo the damage of sitting in the same place for hours. 

People sitting for long periods may take advantage of standing desks or anything that temporarily removes the pressure on their muscle groups.

Exercise breaks make us more productive because they provide a welcome interruption, release some endorphins, and encourage movement within the body. Additionally practicing these physiotherapy exercises can encourage you to only get out of pain,  it is much healthier to take some minutes off once an hour than to snack throughout the day. Order, this will keep you energized without adding a lot of calories.

People often try to do fitness activities when they can, and life always gets in the way. You’d be surprised how much internal pressure you will put on yourself to get the most out of only 20 minutes.

The science behind breaks points to evidence that whenever possible, they should be spread out evenly throughout the day – targets of 10 minutes per hour are fruitful for you on average to get out of pain – and that these breaks should take up less intense forms of activity rather than standing exercises that require a higher level of exertion like walking or running.

What Can It Do for You?

Exercises fight fatigue, stress, and boredom. The latter is a state in which the mind wanders off, and memories are often less vivid. Exercise can set things in order again, increasing one’s sense of well-being, getting out of pain, and leading to improved performance on intellectual tasks.

Here Are Some Suggestions for Taking Breaks  and Getting Out of Pain 

  • Take a walk around the office or outside
  • Doing some stretches
  • Going to get a drink of water or coffee
  • Talking to your colleagues about what they are working on
  • Looking up from your computer screen for a few minutes

Try It Yourself

Getting up and moving around every 30-45 minutes is essential to give your body a break and allow it to rest whilst also helping yourself get out of pain. The breaks will also help with reducing stress levels and improving your mood. So if you want to enjoy a more productive day, try taking a break during the day.

Giving yourself permission to take a break from work can feel a little counterproductive, and scary but taking this break is just what your body needs to get out of pain and recover so you can connect better to your environment and colleagues at the workplace. Try this and come back to your work completely refreshed and ready to fully commit. 

Let’s wake up every morning and preach to ourselves – “I want to get out of pain, I want to get out of pain, I want to get out of pain”, and let’s use it as a bridge to remind and force ourselves to do exactly what we need to, to achieve it. 

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