You, your doctor, and recovery—no excuses.

We invented Radian, an app with expert-guided exercise videos and progress tracking that enables physios and patients to adhere to their home protocols.

Our Journey

Fitness apps track steps, activities, and health. All phones have one. We designed Kratos, an app that used smart technologies to simplify home exercise and instruction. Unfortunately, everyone did fitness. Again? No.
Can we improve our AI-guided app? Fix what else? Physiotherapy. A niche that gives us unwavering goals, uncharted with substantial drop-off from traditional physiotherapy treatments because patients lack drive or grow overconfident with temporary pain alleviation. We created Radian, an app with expert-guided exercise videos and AI tech that corrects posture and lets physios and patients communicate through dashboards.

about radian

At Radian our primary goal is to make the lives of Physiotherapists and Patients easier. Adherence is a key factor in recovery when home protocol exercises are prescribed. Right from prescription to progress tracking to excessive WhatsApp texts with multiple clarifications, a patient’s journey to recovery is ridden with obstacles.
Radian allows physiotherapists to offer home treatment choices and empowers patients to take charge of their recovery and symptoms. A problem-free journey is imperative for patient adherence. We believe in seamless communication and we make that happen. Prescription, progress tracking, constant reminders, and the AI model, prevent patient dropouts!
Bridge the gaps in traditional physiotherapy, empower your patients to adhere to exercises prescribed at home, and make recovery simple, with Radian.

cultures and values

Our North Star and Radian vision help us make tough choices. “I’ll figure it out” is the motto our team goes with. You must find answers, not have them.
Over Communicate, underassume. This controls expectations and completion shocks.
Trust the leader, not the boss. Trusting a domain leader. At a start-up, titles shouldn’t define people. We encourage our staff to attempt various roles as long as it doesn’t conflict with their core duties.
We encourage our colleagues to explore different domains of the company and get a feeling of different roles as long as it doesn’t affect their main responsibilities.

The team behind Radian

Jamshid Pandole


The renaissance man, with 22+ years of experience in finance and a flair for squash, we rely on him to eliminate all our everyday pain.

Gaurav Vyas


He removes the bugs, adds the features, and keeps it all in check. He will troubleshoot his way through every problem.

Simran Savani


She dances between finalising high-quality mockups and delivering beautiful, usable, and functional designs.

nishant jain


He is obsessed with all things digital, there’s no engine he can’t optimize or metric he can’t analyze.

Kunal Sharma


He articulates what success looks like for the product and then rallies the team to turn that vision into reality.

Nihad Panju


He is the one building a beautiful presence, one design at a time. There’s no creative obstacle he can’t overcome, and no marathon he can’t run.

Yutika Menon


The networker, she has the ability to reach out and identify potential clients. She's the ultimate multitasker and gets the job done.

Swaraj Patankar


He loves tech sometimes a little too much which enables him to come up with product that can help thousands of people.

Suhani Yadav


She is fluent in Lorem Ipsum and builds interfaces that bridge the gap between human understanding and the product.

Carlton Pereira


He’s the in-house business advisor, with 30+ years of experience in business, finance, and consulting with multiple startups.

Himanshu Kaji


He literally helps us run the operations, with his experience as COO at Edelweiss Financial services, and multiple half marathons, he’s nothing short of an efficient operator.